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The abstract acryl paintings by Dicky Lobs are slowly becoming known to a greater public. More and more people recognize a fascinating and individual style, in the work from this Assendelft’s artist. Dicky is self-taught, having never attended an academy of art. Through courses, coupled with experimentation she learned how to create her art. 

Dicky’s developed her creativity unconsciously while working in the Lobs families bakery. Firstly working along side her father and later as owner. On selling the business, Dicky chose the path of the artist. As she freely admits there was always a hankering to take up painting lessons. So when her time became her own she joined a class in Landsmeer. 

During these lessons Dicky quickly developed a style of her own. She began with realistic and figurative work, but it was the abstract that spoke to her more. Dicky’s creativity is stimulated by the intangible that she observes in nature. She tries to visualize this, using feeling and intuition. What begins as a small inspiration, grows into a work of art. 


Her paintings are a fantasy based on reality, where the artist can loose her self. Dicky works with vivid colors, an interplay of lines and composition. This painter from Assendelft finds her work is not photogenic. She makes use of a dimensionality that can not be duplicated by photographs, as illustrated on this website. 

Dicky creates depth though the use of a diverse array of materials. Incorporating for example corrugated cardboard, newspaper cuttings, modeling paste and wire mash in her “material paintings”. This choise of materials serves to create an extraordinary effect. If you observe Dicky’s work from a distance, you can see the whole picture and the total composition. When you consider the paintings close up you will be struck by the combination of color and form. 

Friends and acquaintances recognize Dicky’s character shining through in her work. Her art is cheerful and characterized by warm colors. Because she sees nbature as a sourse of inspiration, the colors and tints used are indirectly linked with the seasons. Especially the Provence, but also Dicky’s own garden in Assendelft plays an essential role by the development of her art.

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